General Server Configuration

GTD Server has a number of configuration options that allow the system to be customised for use within your organisation.

General Configuration


To View/manage your GTD Server configuration, logon GTD Server.

Note: You are not able to change GTD Server configurations if you login as common user.

There are 2 sections in General Configuration page.

The SMTP section describes the information of the e-mail account that is used to send e-mail from GTD Server.

For more inforamtion, see Email Report Output

The MISC section describes miscellaneous information of the server.

To configure GTD Server, click Edit in corresponding section.


General Configuration/MISC Section


Email Address Postfix The email address looks like The postfix is

Once you setup the postfix, you do not need to append the postfix when you specify the e-mail address of receipts.

For example: If you set postfix to When you want to send mail to, you only need to set mailto=bill in the URL.
Check Remenber me by default in login page If this option is checked, the Remember me on this computer checkbox in the Login page will be checked by default.

See Login section for addition information